I’ve been meaning to make play clay for some time, and as I was thinking of stocking up on some fun things for Mausi to do after the baby is born, it seemed the perfect time to try out a play clay recipe. I used a fairly standard recipe found in this book, and added some Wilton gel colouring to it. I used ‘Aster Mauve’, didn’t add a huge amount and ended up with a very odd sort of slightly washed out brownish-pink. Not particularly a colour that screams “play with me!”, but Mausi didn’t seem to mind one bit.

I discovered a few things about homemade play clay (or playdough if you prefer); it is really very easy to make, “cream of tartar” is a white powder and can be found with the spices in the grocery store, ‘Aster Mauve’ isn’t as pretty a colour as the name promises to be and playing with play clay might be almost as much fun for Mama as it is for Mausi!

I am definitely going to need to make more, and try out another colour, because even if Mausi doesn’t mind, I’m not sure that I’m too excited about the current colour! Perhaps a nice vibrant purple or leafy green…

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