We decided that when Cub was born we would give his big sister a special present that would help her feel connected to the “baby” things going on around her. I was looking forward to having a newborn snuggled in my sling again, but was also a little concerned about how Mausi would react to having her baby brother in her sling.  When I spoke to Tanja of Sewfunky and she said that she had just enough of the original fabric left to make a doll sling, I knew that I had found the perfect ‘big sister present’ for our Maus.

So now when Mama has Cub in the big sling, Mausi can have one of her toys in her sling…when she’s not busy running around, climbing, swinging, digging, or otherwise being a very busy 2 year old that is!

Thanks Tanja for such a fabulous doll sling!

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  1. Becca says:

    So sweet! I sent my sister in law a sling and one for my niece as well in the same fabric, when she was having her 2nd baby. They loved it! So sweet.

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