Easter is once again just around the corner, and I’ve been thinking about Easter basket ideas again. Putting together an Easter basket (if you are so inclined) is just about the perfect excuse to have a little fun and do something a little different. Instead of a basket filled just with chocolate and candy, why not try one of the following?

Gardening Easter Basket

Kids love to dig around in the garden, so encourage them to try their hand at growing something as well with an Easter basket geared towards that.

What to put in it? Well, why not start with the ‘basket’ itself…use a basket that can later be used to harvest veggies, or forego the basket entirely and use a bucket!

Add some good children’s garden gloves, perhaps a few garden tools, a Kid’s Garden seed packet, or individual packets of other fun-to-grow flowers and veggies and the gardening part is done. Round out the basket with a book or two…‘The Root Children’ by Sybille von Olfers or ‘Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots’ by Sharon Lovejoy might be nice additions.

:: High Mowing Seeds, the company offering the ‘Kid’s Garden’ seed packet is a US seed company. Some great Canadian organic seed companies are: Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds, West Coast seeds, The Cottage Gardener and Salt Spring Seeds. ::

Musical Easter Basket

Stir Drum by Auris & Rhythm sticks by WeeWoodworks

Making music is becoming more and more of a hit (har har) around this house. In fact, making music is loved by most toddlers and children that I have come across, so I thought it would be fun to have an Easter basket geared towards music…making it, listening to it, and learning about it!

A couple of simple musical instruments are key…perhaps a pair of egg shakers, some maracas, a triangle or rhythm sticks (like these ones from WeeWoodworks on etsy). Or perhaps something a little larger, like the Stir drum from Auris. What musical basket would be complete without some music as well?

We thoroughly enjoy the Putumayo Kids music selections (the Folk Playground and Jazz Playground being two of our favourites) as well as the music of Elizabeth Mitchell.

And books…ofcourse! ‘Meet the Orchestra‘ and ‘The Carnival of the Animals‘ (complete with CD!) are just 2 of the many children’s books about music.

Now, to figure out exactly what Easter will look like here this year…

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