These last few sunny warm days have been simply incredible. Today, with a sleeping Cub wrapped up beside us, Mausi and I got to work outdoors.

We filled a suet cage with yarn ends for the birds to gather for their nests. What lovely nests these wool pieces will make.

We then searched around the garden we are still exploring and marvelled at the tulips starting to come up in some random places…

in the middle of the back yard, which is itself in need of some grass seed…

and through the overgrown ends of a sage plant.

How exciting to see tulips starting to come up, but slighty worrisome at the same time. The middle of March just seems so early, and I wonder how they will fare if/when we get another frost.

Trowels in hand we then turned our attention to the overgrown herb garden against the back of the house and waged war on a mint plant whose roots had grown rampant. No photo did justice to the mass of tangled roots and runners that criss-crossed the small bed, and there is no doubt in my mind that I have not yet finished pulling out mint roots!

But, the bed is looking cleaner and is almost ready for some spring flower planting. I think that for the time being herbs will be grown in pots on the back deck, and a mint plant will even be included, but always safely within the confines of terracotta boundaries.

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