What fun I’ve been having with kcwc! Day 3 and part of day 4’s addition to Mausi’s collection is a pair of basic pocket pants from Meg McElwee’s ‘Growing Up Sew Liberated‘. With the exception of denim overalls, these are also Mausi’s first pair of ‘jeans’! These were particularly fun to make, not only because the pattern was straightforward, and they came together easily, but also because the denim fabric is thrifted and I was able to turn this…

Thrifted denim fabric from a size 16 skirt bought for $2.50!

into this!

The ‘inside’ of the skirt is now the ‘outside’ of the pants.

The fabric used for the pocket binding, waist band and cuffs was left over from the lining of this project. I did make one small alteration to the pattern. Instead of having the right side of the cuff lining fabric on the right side of the pant leg, which is the way it should be if the child will start wearing the pants at full length, I put the lining fabric on the inside of the leg so that I could roll Mausi’s pant leg up and the fabric would still show. The smallest pattern size was a 2T, and the length was still just a tad too long for her, but not by much.

I feel that the pockets gape perhaps a little too much, but I suspect that I may have stretch them a little when sewing on the bias binding. I will have to make note of that for next time, as I think that there will be more of these to come.

Project details ::

Pattern :: Basic Pocket Pants from Growing Up Sew Liberated
Size made :: 2T
Fabric :: Thrifted denim as the main fabric (wrong side out) and flower print accent fabric from Lecien (‘Memoire a Paris’).
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