Introducing Katie Daisy

A love of the wide open sky and the simple pleasures in life is what Katie brings to her art, and she has imbued each painting with sunshine and summer breezes! Her lettering and flower accents have a lovely vintage country feel and the quotations she chooses speak of slowing down and getting outside. Two important things worth being reminded of!

Since graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2009 Katie has been busy travelling and painting. She has a lovely etsy shop, and her work can also be seen at retailers throughout the States.

I asked Katie some questions ::

Little Wool Maus: Your art is beautiful and really invokes the feeling of a warm summer day in the country. How would you spend a perfect, lazy summer day? 

Katie: Summer days are made for laying in a field of wildflowers, watching clouds go by and cooling off with a dip in a country creek.

Little Wool Maus: You’ve written that you are a wanderer at heart, and are currently in the Pacific Northwest…do you have your next destination in mind?

Katie: I long to be back in my original stomping grounds – the Midwest! The Illinois prairie is so magical to me… I might spend some time there this summer with my friends and family. I also have a grand journey planned down to Texas and up the California coast. Have you ever been to Big Sur? That place doesn’t even seem real.

Little Wool Maus: Do you have a favourite album that you listen to as you work?

Katie: My favorite daydream-evoking album is It’s A Wonderful Life by Sparklehorse. Mark sings of beautiful images such as “shade and honey,” “more yellow birds” & “may all your days be gold.” It’s the perfect soundtrack to fall asleep in a meadow.

Little Wool Maus: Finally, what are you most looking forward to now that the weather is turning warmer?

Katie: I’m looking forward to everything! Outdoor dinner parties with friends, going on long walks ’till dusk, canoe trips that creep into the night, and drinking lavender lemonade on my porch, to name a few :).

You can check out what’s new with Katie on her blog and on her facebook page.

All pictures used with permission from Katie Daisy.

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