We stand poised on the brink of summer, and as always in southern Ontario we are left wondering what happened to spring! The days are getting hotter, and I wonder if this is at all telling of what this summer is going to be…

The garden is growing, and although desperately in need of some rain, it is very exciting to see the vegetable plants getting bigger by the day. Oddly enough the bok choy plants in the clay pot are growing better than those in the veggie plot…and today I noticed that something had eaten my marigold seedlings. Gone. Completely. I’m considering putting the dogs on rodent duty, but given the weather I can’t get them to leave the tile floor.

Happily though these beautiful little berries are still around, and hopefully will be a delicious red before too much longer. Then I suppose it will be a race to pick them before they are also eaten!

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