The weather is warm (perhaps a little too warm the last few days) and the garden is growing!

In the excitement of planting the vegetable garden I forgot about planting the borage seeds…so they went in a little late. But they’ve come up now! There they are, bordered by cilantro, bok choy, sweet peppers and broccoli. Hopefully I’ll still have borage flower ice cubes this summer.

I worry about my broccoli. I think I may have planted it too late (the 3rd week of May), and with the hot weather we’ve been having I think it may try to flower as soon as the head appears. I’d like to try for a fall crop of broccoli. Should I plant the seeds in the garden now?

This celery was an unintended addition to the garden! I had read that you can grow an entire new celery from the stump of an old one…so of course I had to try that! Seems to be growing…

Every vegetable garden should have some marigolds! Apart from all of the good things they do, they look wonderfully cheery against a backdrop of green  vegetable plants and brown soil.

Pretty flowers for a salad. I have two nasturtium plants growing in a swath of unamended (no added manure or compost – at least not yet by me) soil next to the square foot garden. They seem to be quite happy.

Something was munching away on my bok choy, and starting on the swiss chard. Little holes in parts, and more extensive damage in others, leaving only the network of veins on the leaf. After some checking it appeared as though earwigs could be the culprits. So I made an eariwg trap with a soy sauce/water mixture in a little dish sunk into the ground next to the swiss chard and not far from the bok choy. Success! My plants seem not to be sustaining any more damage, and my trap is collecting earwigs. I added another trap in another part of the garden where basil was suffering the same fate.

I have three varieties of heirloom tomatoes growing. This one is Black Plum, a Russian plant bearing 2″ mahogany coloured fruit. I’m going to try my hand at drying these (after I’ve aded them to a few salads and sauces!).

Here’s the first of the Fireball tomatoes growing. My Isis Candy cherry tomato plant somehow missed being photographed, but it too has several fruits growing. Such fun! I had no idea tomato plants were so satisfying to grow, and we haven’t even harvested any yet!

How is your garden growing?

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