Scenes from the week at the cottage…

Popcorn! Even the dogs enjoyed some thanks to ever helpful little hands.

A glass of cider and some knitting…ah, lovely! We’ve recently decided to call the Mummy and Daddy type of cider “sour cider” to differentiate it from Maus-friendly “sweet cider”.

Plenty of reading and nursing…

And when a fussy Cub, irritated by a summer cold and early teething, wasn’t happy to drift to sleep anywhere but in a sling on his mama, there was plenty of dusk reading as well, as we walked round and round the lake-side lawn.

A Cub and his papa…wearing shorts, I swear!

Walks in the woods. Mausi has decided that this one his her dog and insists on holding the lead at all times!

And of course there was lots and lots of swimming…but I think that may be another post entirely.

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