Introducing SnapdragonFortress

Three sisters, Sarah, Robin, and Claire, grew up playing on imaginary battlements and going on adventures on their family’s 2½ acre wooded property.

Sarah, the one who does ‘pretty much everything’ at SnapdragonFortress, is an artist, writer, toy-maker and mama. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband, 2-year old daughter, quaker parrot and bearded dragon. Robin lives in Madison with her green cheek conure and iguana and is attending veterinary school. She describes herself as a science geek but she also enjoys drawing, painting, writing and dancing. And Claire, the youngest of the 3 is a busy highschool student, helping her two older sisters when she can.

For the 3 sisters ‘Snapdragon’ embodies the sense of wonder and excitement of childhood, and ‘Fortress’ is a play on their last name (and maiden name) of Fortney. Put together, SnapdragonFortress represents exactly what the 3 sisters feel is so important and should be nurtured in childhood – a sense of adventure rooted in the natural world.

With such busy varied lives, and such imagined adventures in childhood, it is no wonder that the three sisters have such wonderful natural toys in their store!

Amongs the toys at SnapdragonFortress are beautifully simple wooden animals with wood-burned eyes and features. Each wooden toy is sealed with an all-natural beeswax finish, and there is a host of different animals to choose from. A chameleon? Really? Love.

Wool toys are also on offer. Knit animals, stuffed with 100% wool roving are perfect to cuddle and small enough to bring on all sorts of adventures!

Speaking of adventures…isn’t a map in order?

The map comes as a pdf file that can be printed and coloured, or aged, again and again.

The same thing is also true for the collection of paper dolls (I haven’t seen paper dolls in ages). The SnapdragonFortress collection includes, several people, accessories, dragons and backdrops. All in pdf files that can be printed onto cardstock and coloured.

 Hop on over to SnapdragonFortress and see what catches your eye!

To stay up to date with happenings at SnapdragonFortress, check out their facebook page.

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