Back before Cub was born I made our first batch of homemade play clay. The colour was less than appealing, but the dough was still much enjoyed and played with.

When I got a box of brightly coloured Wilton’s icing gel from Michael’s with a 50% off coupon a few weeks ago, I knew that the next time we made play clay the colours would be much more appealing. And so they are!

As it turns out though, different coloured play clay is really more for mama than it is Maus. She started out with green and orange and before long ended up with a lump of brownish dough. Blue was added shortly thereafter and the result looked rather like a very muddy Earth seen from space!

This batch of play clay couldn’t have been made at a better time. We woke up to a grey, drizzly morning today (yay! I can almost hear the plants sighing with pleasure!) and as we looked at the rain Maus asked “Can I do some playdoughning Mama?”. Why, yes you can.

I had no idea it was a verb.

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