In a little family workshop in Kingston, Ontario, the wonderful wooden creations of Re-wood Toys are lovingly hand-made.

What first drew me to Re-wood Toys was the lovely selection of teething necklaces that didn’t look like teethers on a string! With my little Cub teething, everything is in his mouth. When he nurses he hangs on my amber necklace, and I fear it won’t survive his strong little tugs. Enter Re-wood Toys…

But it isn’t just nursing necklaces that Jamin and his wife, Natalie, create and sell as Re-wood Toys. Teethers, rattles, and wooden toys for toddlers and older children are all part of the Re-wood collection.

Each toy is made from locally sourced reclaimed wood and finished in organic flax oil.

To get to get to know them a little better, I asked Jamin a few questions:

Little Wool Maus: How did Re-Wood Toys come to be?

Re-wood Toys (Jamin): My wife and I run a natural parenting store in Kingston called Go Green Baby and we were on the search for a natural teething necklace. Our daughter was 8 months old at the time and teething non stop. We had many customers ask about teething bling, made of silicone, but we wanted to find a more natural teething accessory. I began thinking about options I could make myself. Wood was the first idea that came to mind, so I went out and purchased a scroll saw to give the necklaces a go. I quickly realized that I enjoyed working with wood and that it came naturally me!

Little Wool Maus: How do you balance family with running a small business?

Re-wood Toys (Jamin): Isn’t that the ultimate question? With 3 kids, a full time job and 2 businesses, we often have a hard time balancing family life. Most importantly for us is to keep family the centre of our life and to recognize when we have taken on too much. Our retail store is only open for hours that our convenient to our family. I only work in the shop when all the kids are in bed. We rely on our extended family to help out. We are blessed to have family that lives close by and are happy to spend time with their grandchildren on a regular basis. Our schedules are simple, relaxed and home based. We spend lots of time together and try do everything as a team. No one person contributes more or less to our family.

Little Wool Maus: Have you got a new toy that you are currently working on?

Re-wood Toys (Jamin): With a 5 month old that is full on teething right now, I have just come up with a new teether and a male version of our teething necklace. Both will be live on our site soon! Our list of toys is ongoing, especially as our children continue to grow.

Little Wool Maus: What is on your current music playlist in your workshop?

Re-wood Toys (Jamin): Though my wife may be horrified that I tell you this, I have a deep love for Rap music. I regularly have Tupac and Bone Thugs & Harmony playing in the background as I work away. They keep me balanced and bring back lots of happy memories.

Check out Re-wood Toys and see what treasures you can find!

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  1. Beautiful hand made wooden toys!

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