I recently finished Milo for Maus, and we definitely have a winner here!

 With winter quickly approaching I wanted an extra layer that would keep her warm, yet not overheat her when she is indoors. A vest was the perfect midway point, keeping her torso snug, but her arms free from extra layers, and this pattern was just the thing!

Knit in my standby Cascade 220 in a light brown and heathered pink with US 6 (4mm) needles the result is a lovely dense, snug-fitting vest with enough give to move easily and be comfy on a busy 3-year old. I did amend the pattern with regards to stitch count…but I did’t record them as I was knitting, so just as soon as I can I will count on the finished sweater and add that information to my ravelry notes.

I call this the “first milo” merely because with a vest this useful I don’t think I can help but knit another – starting with one for Cub!

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