Apart from these two cowls, a couple of other handmade goodies managed to get squeezed in.

almond bark 2012Almond bark. Gloriously delicious almond bark! So wonderfully easy to make I’m really not sure why I have never made it before! Pure Belgian dark chocolate chips from a bulk food shop (it’s so worth getting the best chocolate you can find) combined with roasted whole almonds…I’m quite surprised there was any left to give away.

Christmas hearts 2012The felted wool heart ornaments were cut from a thrifted sweater and the two halves were blanket stitched together with cotton embroidery floss. The wool was thick enough that I didn’t bother stuffing the hearts with anything. They were substantial enough on their own. We gave a few away, and kept a few for our own tree.

Such fun to make goodies to give away; certainly for me, and I hope for the recipients as well! And for Christmas 2013…well, this is the year we are all getting handmade stockings in this house! (and I’m starting next month…really, I am.)

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