When we moved into our little house last year we found ourselves in need of a new ironing board. Ironing on a towel on the floor seemed neither practical for me at 7 months pregnant nor wise of either Papa or myself with a 2 year old running about. I bought one of the least expensive boards I could find, without added bells or whistles, a great deal of padding or for that matter a fancy cover.

Put simply, it was basic…and a little ugly.

Which you wouldn’t think would really matter in an ironing board, as long as it worked. Who, afterall, displays ironing boards? But our house is small, without a suitable closet in which to hide the board, and keeping it in the basement was turning out to be impractical.

ironing board_before

So, with an eye to making things useful and pretty I thought I’d recover the board. Or more precisely, just add an extra cover on top.

ironing board_after1

ironing board_after2

The fabric is from the Gypsy Carivan line by Amy Butler.

There are myriad tutorials on the web detailing how to recover an ironing board, so I won’t get into it here. Suffice it to say that the whole thing took very little time, and to anyone contemplating recovering an ironing board, stop thinking about it and get sewing! Very satisfying, minimal effort; definitely worth the time.

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