reading with MausA lot of reading goes on in this house, and the greater part of that happens with two little ones on or beside us. Cub is still far more interested in trying to eat the books than looking at the pictures or listening to the words, and Maus tries her hardest to be patient with him. But busy little brothers can be trying. Evenings are slowly evolving into a special time to read with just Maus.

After supper and her bath, once she is in her jammies and her teeth are brushed we sit down together, just her and I, and read. We’ve been reading some German books lately. Papa says that these are our German lessons; I say that it is Mama & Maus time together. And while Papa and Cub are in the kitchen it is just the two of us, reading the words, repeating the sounds and looking at the pictures.

Then off she goes to bed and to read a couple more books with Papa…and Cub and I work on the fact that even tough little board books are not meant to be eaten.

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