I knew that this vest would be useful, I just didn’t realize exactly  how useful it would be! I think Mausi wears this at least 4 days a week…with everything; over long-sleeved t-shirts, blouses, and dresses dresses and even under overalls. If an extra layer is needed on the outside, this is the vest for the job! So when I was looking for a relatively quick knit for Cub’s first birthday it wasn’t really a question that I would make him a Milo vest as well.

One with owls. 


For this one a added a ribbed hem after having had to rip back the garter stitch hem as it felt a bit snug. The ribbed hem certainly makes getting the vest on a squirming toddler (oh my goodness…a toddler already?!) much easier, but it does tend to flip up a bit. Perhaps the ribbed hem would not have done that.

Regardless of flipping hems, this vest is already a staple part of Cub’s wardrobe, and I can see this little owly vest carrying him well into the spring, over long and short-sleeved tees.

Cub_Milo_3Ah the Milo vest…not the last time I will knit this pattern!

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