I want to draw your attention to 2 of the sponsors of Little Wool Maus; Cubits and Hawthorn Farm. Both specializing in organic and heirloom seeds of vegetables and flowers, Cubits and Hawthorn Farm are two  wonderful Canadian sources from which to purchase seeds online.

To add some colour to these cold, grey days…


Cubits :: Clockwise from top left – Organic Microgreens, Reisetomate Heirloom tomato, Chives, Rainbow Swiss Chard and Colourful carrot mix

Hawthorn Farm_2013

 Hawthorn Farm :: Clockwise from top left – French Marigold, Vates Blue Curled Kale, Larkspur Galilee mix, Scarlet Runner bean, Cascadia Snap pea and Wild Bergamot

Doesn’t that just brighten things up a little?

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2 Responses to Spring Seed Sponsors :: Cubits and Hawthorn Farm

  1. Erin says:

    What a coincidence, I just got my Cubits order in the mail yesterday. I note that Hawthorne Farms has okra, I may have to do an order there too!

    • Belinda says:

      Oh, I’ve never thought of doing okra! I had seeds from Cubits and Hawthorn last year with good success, and I’m trying some new seeds from them both this year as well. Veg and some flowers as well.

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