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I finally took our winter wreath down this week…with the way winter has been hanging on this year I don’t even feel that late! Our front door is definitely in need of a little TLC. Our ancient storm door, with torn screen, and time-worn wooden house door are, without doubt, a work in progress. Without the winter wreath the door really seemed bare.

I had seen some lovely fabric covered wreaths on pinterest, and as I had some fun vintage bedsheet fabric kicking around from another project in the works I thought I could add such a wreath to brighten up the door.

spring wreath 2

I had wanted a foam core, but the day I was able to get into Michael’s was the day they were out of the smooth rounded wreath form in the size I wanted. On my way out I happened to pass by the straw wreaths, and for half the price they had the size I wanted…so my wreath is a little lumpy? I could compost it if I really wanted to…

I wrapped long strips of fabric around the wreath, the ends of the strips were attached to the back with glue. The strips were folded in half along the length so the raw edges wouldn’t show, but I think I may just make another wreath sometime, this next one with raw edges showing.

It’s a bright spring-y wreath to have on the door, and it makes me smile each time I come home.

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