Other than a simple hat I don’t think that I have ever actually knit something for myself to wear. I have also never knit a shawl. So I thought I would remedy both things and knit myself the Ishbel shawl with some lovely merino wool/tencel blend yarn that Papa had given me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

I quite often find myself choosing earthy browns, rusts, reds, goldens and moss colours for my clothing, so the pale shades of this Ishbel were a bit of a departure for me. But the colours seemed somehow right for an early spring shawl, and with the possibility of us visiting the sea this year I thought the “sand dollar” colourway actually quite perfect. I think it would be a lovely shawl to have on an early summer walk along the New England coast.

That is what’s on my needles this April, what’s on yours?

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