Oh my! It has been a while since I have visited this space, and there really isn’t any reason for my absence. I have countless “draft posts” but none seemed to actually make it as far as the “publish” button, and many have since been deleted…a post entitled “The garden – early June” just doesn’t seem right in early July…

Never mind. Back I am, and fresh from a week-long trip to New England. Mausi’s papa had a conference in Boston the beginning of last week, and so we thought it the perfect family holiday. We left our home at 10pm on Saturday night and by dawn on Sunday morning Maus was scootering at a rest-stop somewhere in Massachusetts…

Scootering at dawn

As we couldn’t check into our place until later on in the afternoon, we headed first to Harvard to have a look around. Such beautiful old buildings, and so much history. It was a wonderful spot to rest a little after the long drive.


Boston was a great deal of fun, even in the heat. The 3 hottest days this summer were the ones we spent wandering the streets of Boston! While Papa was at work we checked out the New England Aquarium, and the Boston Children’s Museum (possibly one of the most amazing places for kids that I have seen!)…and with Papa we visited the Public Gardens and said hello to Mrs. Mallard.

Make way for ducklingsThe day we left Boston was the day the heat broke…of course. And we headed up to Camden, Maine in the rain. It was so cool and wet in fact that we decided to forgo visiting any beaches along the way, and thought we would save that for another trip entirely. Our little guest cottage, found on airbnb, was absolutely delightful. And although the weather outside was somewhat miserable, our night was very comfy indeed.

Camden cottageFrom Maine we headed into Vermont and stayed at a family farm, also found on airbnb. Apart from Gracie the cow, the laying hens and the farm dog, Maus was enthralled by the hundreds of snails she found in the grass.

snail hunting

And promptly proceeded to collect a handful.

SnailsA spur of the moment trip to a small beach in the tiny village of Greensboro, Vermont resulted in a very wet dress, and a thrilled Maus. All was well.

Greensboro beach

We left Vermont at 7 pm after supper and arrived home at just before 5 am the next morning.

The tiredness resulting from a  night drive with 2 sleeping children is really a very small sacrifice in comparison to having to do a 10 hour drive with small children awake! A whirlwind trip, and a fair amount of driving, but we thoroughly enjoyed our week in New England!

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4 Responses to A week in New England

  1. Jason says:

    Looks like it was a wonderful trip!

  2. Andrea says:

    I will admit to smiling all through this post. I grew up in the New England area and the Boston Children’s Museum may be my favor place to this day. Which reminds me that I must take the kiddos there. Glad to see a post from you. 🙂

    • Belinda says:

      The Children’s Museum was amazing! We could have spent hours at the climber on the main floor…but had to move on as 16 month old C was trying his hardest to get on as well, and I thought if he went up I’d never get him down again!

  3. Heather says:

    Nice to see you back!
    Looks like a lovely trip.

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