A couple of years ago I reviewed the Urban Baby Bonnet. That bonnet is still in occasional use as a back-up hat, although it is definitely now too small for Maus. Cub has also sported it on more than one occasion. This bonnet has done us well, no doubt about it, and so I was excited to have the opportunity to review the Urban Baby Bonnet Modcap.



Everything we loved about the original is still present in this new design. The close-fitting design, which makes it such a perfect babywearing hat (I find that bucket hats often get knocked off), the multiple snap closures, which increase the life of the bonnet, the reversibility, which makes it like having 2 hats in one, and finally, the fact that the brim almost works like blinkers and makes nursing on the go a far less distracted event.

We did notice that the Modcap brim is not quite as big as the original Urban Baby Bonnet, however it certainly still keeps the sun off faces, and delicate ears are still tucked safely beneath the hat. The modcap has a small elastic gather at the back which results in not only a snug fit, but also allows for some growing room. Cub at 17 months and Mausi at 3 years 9 months are in fact wearing two different sides of the same hat.


Like all Urban Baby Bonnets the Modcap is machine washable, and we certainly put that to the test. We washed it cold with like colours and then hung to dry. Perfect. Really. We need washable hats, as somehow they get just as muddy, sandy and smudgey as everything else!

Sizing remains the same as with the original bonnet and there are now 6 sizes to choose from ranging from an XXS encompassing preemies to an XL which would fit an adult!



A slightly more boyish design that the original bonnet, the modcap is almost like the original bonnet merged with a newsboy cap. Utterly sweet, and perfect for boys and girls.

Thanks very much to Colette of Urban Baby Bonnets for providing us the very funky modcap for review! 

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