My little Maus started junior kindergarten this year, and although her kindergarten is all day, 5 days a week, we decided that we would still have frequent days at home. Not only would these days at home be rest days to unwind a little, they would also be perfect times to do something extra fun with mama while Cub was at daycare (the plan for the fall you see is that while Maus is at school, Cub is in daycare and mama is at home furiously writing her thesis). This past Friday was one such day, and we decided to make applesauce.

Our neighbour had picked up a bushel of apples for us, and it was a mixture of three varieties; I believe two varieties were Gala and MacIntosh, but I can’t quite figure out what the apple in the middle (in the picture above) is. Any thoughts?

Edited September 24th :: The middle apple in the photo above is a St. Lawrence apple. A harder to come by variety and sadly not available from this particular farmer again either as their single St. Lawrence apple tree fell over. I’m feeling extra privileged to be able to use this tasty variety.

The applesauce we made was plain and simple. No added sugar or spices. We didn’t peel or core them, we just quartered and tossed them into a pot with a bit of water at the bottom. Once the apples pieces were soft all the way through, we used a food mill (also kindly lent to us by our neighbour) and separated applesauce from peels and seeds.  We probably used somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 of the bushel and ended up with 4 litres of sauce.

Applesauce 2

Others from the bushel were taken out to be eating apples, and the rest are awaiting another cooking project or two…I do love apple season!

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