The play food in our toy kitchen has been getting a lot of use recently. Mostly for pretend picnics, but occasionally for something completely different.

Play food selection available seems to be exploding of late. Typing “play food” (filtered by toys) into the search bar on Etsy yields 1716 items (at my last check). That can be a bit overwhelming, but choices are far more manageable when one searches for specific foods. Specific materials narrow the choices further…felt vegetables, knitted apples, wooden eggs etc.

With autumn just beginning, and with it all of the wonderful foods I associate with autumn…barrels of apples, pumpkins and squashes, and pies, and I thought it would be fun to search around for some harvest play food.

fromtheseeds_tea bags

For chilly fall mornings :: Tea bags by from the seeds on Etsy

Wolverin Knits_knitted veg

Knitted veg set :: Wolverine Knits on Etsy

fairtradefamily_crocheted apple pie

Crocheted apple pie with removable apple slices :: Fair Trade Family on Etsy

I was hoping to find some interesting squashes as play food on Etsy as well, but at the time that I was looking there was little to be found. So I took to searching for patterns for those who wish to make there own play food!

Make your own autumn play food:

Apple, Pear and Squash – free knitting patterns from Natural Suburbia

Felt pumpkin pie (and other food) tutorial (flat pumpkin pie) – Made

Another yummy pumkin pie pattern (3-dimentional, and also free) – Sew Mama Sew

Felt macarons pattern (just because they look SO very scrumptuous…not because they necessarily have anything to do with autumn…) – sweet emma jean on Etsy


Any other favourite autumn play foods? Or wonderful play food patterns?

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