Cicada exo

It seems to be mid to late summer every year that the cicadas come out and start to buzz in the trees. Most cicadas have a 2-5 year life-cycle (although there is a North America species that has a 17 year life-cycle!) and spend most of the time underground as nymphs feeding on sap in the roots of trees. They then make a tunnel and emerge, climb part way up a tree or other vegetation (garden walls work well too) and molt. The adults make the buzzing noise in the trees and leave behind these empty exoskeletons that Maus and I had great fun finding this year.

Cicada case_1

 Showing off a find. She enjoyed running from tree to tree and searching up and down the sides for husks left clinging to the bark.

Cicada face

Cicada face? Our Cub came a long for the walk with Papa, but isn’t quite at the cicada exoskeleton collecting stage. Making faces? That he can do. (Although, of course, he may have just been working out an itch on his noise for this picture…)

Cicada exo_2

And finally…a really neat look at the inside of a cicada nymph skin.

And also what happens when you procrastinate writing a PhD thesis chapter and play out alien battles with cicada skins (the guy on his side clearly lost the the battle…). Shh…don’t tell anyone.

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