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November passed by much too quickly this year. Wasn’t it just Hallowe’en?

With November came the colder weather. Watching Maus on a particularly blustery walk home from school, as she tucked her face into the top of jacket, it occurred to me that the one thing missing from the winter wardrobe was a neck warmer! I had some wool from thrifted sweaters and so I set to work. First came Maus’s, with two shades of blue cashmere on the inside and a brown lambswool for the outside. I sewed on a blue cashmere heart appliqué and added wooden buttons I had been hanging on to for ages. The button loops are a dark blue hair elastic that I had cut in two to make smaller loops and sewed into one end.

Neck warmer_Maus3

The buttons are functional, and she can do them up and undo them on her own, but it isn’t necessary to open the neck warmer. Maus can pull the whole thing over her head done up. Here she’s wearing Mama’s hat, also recently upcycled from a thrifted sweater.

Neck warmer_Maus2

Not to be left out, Cub of course needed one as well. Even more so perhaps, as his snowsuit seems to have a larger gap at the neck. Rather than using the same design, I thought I’d try making one that didn’t open for Cub. One that he would have to just pull on.

Neck warmer_Cub1

Cub’s neck warmer is the same brown lambswool outer, but is lined with a felted pale aqua blue lambswool/cashmere blend that makes his neck warmer slightly thicker than Maus’s.

I’m pleased with the way they have turned out, and even more pleased with the fact that both kids wear them happily. Maus has worn hers to school all week, and Cub will continue to wear his inside almost as if he has forgotten that it is even on. Happy mama, warm kidlets. Perfect.

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