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It’s cold here just now. Really cold. At least really cold for southwestern Ontario. An average of -23°C not counting the windchill. I am ready for something a little warmer. Even -5°C would seem positively balmy! But the freezing temperatures have made me appreciate our woolies even more (and I wouldn’t have thought that possible). Top of the list at the moment are the kids’ merino wool undershirts.

Last year I bought one for Maus from a local mama’s Etsy shop. She wore it every day for a week and a half, and I knew I needed to make her another. I had an old light grey merino wool sweater that Papa had donated to the sewing heap, and I used a summer tank-top as a template. I wasn’t very precise, and didn’t actually make a pattern. I just lay the tank-top on top of the sweater and used my rotary cutter to cut around it. I then scooped out the front neck line a little more, making it a cm or 2 lower than the back. I sewed the shoulder and side seams, and then turned the neck and arm hole edges under a tad and zig-zag stitched them into place.

She wore those 2 undershirts all winter last year, and again this fall. However, this year I had 2 little people needing (and fitting) the same 2 undershirts, so another was in order.

merino vest_4

Another merino sweater sat in the pile, and so I used the light grey undershirt from last year as a template for this dark grey one. I knew I was making this particular one for Maus though, and so I thought I’d brighten up the dark grey with a red heart near the bottom.

merino vest_2

merino vest_3

Quick and simple. These vests go under everything, from long-sleeved shirts and dresses to t-shirts and button-down collared shirts. Cub even wears his to bed on occasion with a pair of wool longies. Because they are worn as a base layer, and naturally don’t get smelly, I hardly ever wash these things, and consequently they are always ready to go. I’m sort of thinking I may need one next…who knew that a men’s light weight merino sweater would be so very versatile?!

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