Some new seeds just arrived from Cubits, and Maus and I have been busy dreaming about and planning our vegetable garden. There are two seed packets that I am especially excited about this year:

the funky, lobed, heirloom Reisetomate and the Japanese heirloom Black Futsu pumpkin/squash.


Cubits_Black Futsu

The tomatoes I’m excited about as I adore eating fresh tomatoes right from the garden…sadly I am the only one in this household at the moment, but perhaps the littles can be won over with such fun looking tomatoes!

And the pumpkin? Well, I haven’t tried growing pumpkins, and this one looks perfect to try with. The colour changes from black to yellowy and then settles on the tan in the picture in storage. It looks interesting, you can eat it, and you won’t find it easily, which makes it even more fun to try and grow.

What are you excited to start growing this year?

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