Spring is finally  here, and this last week-end saw the bike trailer put back together and the kids and I out for a ride. Granted, it wasn’t a long ride, but just long enough to put the tired 2-year old to sleep for his nap. It was nice to be out on my bike again.

Last evening, Maus and I went for our first bike ride together. She on her little 12″ bicycle she is slowly outgrowing, and I on mine (mine having somewhat larger wheels…). It was slow…those are some awfully little wheels she is working with, but lovely.

Cycling is so many different things to so many people. For some the bicycle is their main form of transportation and they use it to commute to school and work. For others, cycling is solely recreational. And for many more cycling falls somewhere between the two. Bike culture is growing around here, with more and more people using their bikes to get around the urban environment. And really, why not, parking downtown can be a pain!

Taking a break from editing my thesis chapters the other evening I took to Etsy to see what interesting accessories I could find for the modern cyclist. Etsy, as usual, did not disappoint.

For those needing to haul their bikes up and down stairs or onto buses and trains WalnutStudiolo offers beautifully simple leather portage straps for your shoulder or carrying handles lower on the frame of the bicycle. I thought of my brother and his wife who live above a shop on Queen Street in downtown Toronto, carrying their bikes up and down the narrow staircase from the street to their apartment and back.


Leather portage strap (left) and bike frame handle (right) from WalnutStudiolo

Many years ago, when women routinely rode bicycles wearing skirts and dresses, skirt guards were common sights. FrillRide is bringing them back, but these are definitely not the skirt guards of the 40’s and 50’s.

FrillRide_skirt guard

Skirt guard from FrillRide

Along with a skirt guard, why not add a funky garter strap to keep your shorter skirt in place while biking? BirdIndustries makes garters in a host of different colours and sizes, as well as waterproof saddle covers to keep your seat dry in the rain. There’s not much more uncomfortable than coming back out to your bike after a rain and having to sit down on a wet saddle, especially if you’re wearing your favourite skirt.


 Skirt garter for bikes (left) and waterproof saddle cover (right) by BirdIndustries

And for those heading out to a dinner party, oopsmark in Montreal makes a lovely looking wine bottle holder as well as a sleek u-lock holster.


 Wine bottle holder (top) and u-lock holster (bottom) by oopsmark

 All these little things you didn’t realize you actually wanted…to make your cycling life easier and to add that little extra something to your bike.

All images used with permission.

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