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As I was knitting Cub’s birthday sweater Maus would periodically check on the progress, and mention, while doing so, that she would like another sweater as well. Pink, she would say. I thought the Sunday Sweater pattern would be a good one to do, and Maus approved. It has a simple lace pattern on the front to add a bit of interest, and the worsted weight yarn the pattern calls for is perfect year round (well, maybe not in July and August…).

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The original pattern calls for long sleeves, but Mausi and I agreed that short-sleeves would be better this time round. I find that often short-sleeves actually extend the amount of time a sweater can be worn in the year. Mausi is constantly complaining that she is warm, and I know that a heavier long-sleeved sweater would almost not be worn anymore now, unless it is worn as a top layer. But Mausi will wear a short-sleeved sweater or vest well into early summer, and with a long sleeved shirt underneath it makes a great layering piece int he fall and winter. We are all about layering in this house.

The pattern was the easy part, finding a suitable pink yarn was something else entirely. I don’t often shop for pink yarn, and although my local yarn shop has a lovely selection of yarns, all the pink ones I liked were fingering weight, and so not suitable for this pattern without some pattern adjustments. I hummed and hawed and finally left without buying any wool at all. Instead I came home and checked out the pink selection at Quince & Co. in their worsted weight ‘lark’ wool. They had a couple, and Mausi mentioned she preferred light pink over dark pink, which made my decision that much easier. A few clicks later and ‘Dogwood’ was ordered. Of course I ordered enough yarn to fit the pattern requirements, not really thinking about the short sleeves. I have an entire skein left over…which I suppose means that Mausi will have a matching pink hat this fall. I’m sure she won’t complain.

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 The buttons were three matching shell buttons from this collection, and I thought them perfect for this sweater. They are smooth and pearly white on one side, and fairly rough and, well, shell-like, on the back side.

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The best part is that this little sweater has already been completely integrated into Mausi’s wardrobe. Originally I had intended it to be an Easter sweater, but seeing as I didn’t finish it until the week after Easter that didn’t quite pan out. Never mind. The pattern designer had intended the cardigan to be an all-purpose layering piece, but sweet enough to fit over dresses as well as jeans. And I think she succeeded!


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