After the never-ending winter, spring and summer seem to be moving along so quickly…

I can hardly believe that it is CSA time again! It seems like just yesterday that our farmer was sending out the spring newsletters giving us a farm and planting update…and now it is already time to bring in some spring greens.

produce bag1

produce bag2

I had some extra cotton muslin tucked away, and I thought it the perfect fabric to make up some bags with. I washed the muslin on a fairly warm setting and then tossed it into the dryer to shrink it before sewing. The bags are basic. I opted not to put in draw strings this time.

produce bag3

I simply folded the muslin selvedge to selvedge and cut across, so that the selvedges would eventually be the finished top and the fold would be the bottom. I made french seam on the edges as I like the clean look of them, although for produce bags it probably doesn’t matter what the seams look like!

produce bag4

Simple, functional, easily washed. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for in a produce bag.

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