July 1_1

We’ve been having such fun in the garden this year. Perhaps it is because Maus and Cub, now 4½ and 2, are playing so well together outside. Perhaps it is the extra two garden boxes we built. Perhaps it is because the kids love helping water and are excited to eat peas fresh from the garden, and pluck calendula petals for salads. Or perhaps it is a combination of all these things and more.

Our garden is growing, and we are loving every day spent outside.

July 1_5 Marigolds

 These are my favourite marigolds. The lovely crinkly shape of the petals and the richness of colour that shades from gold to a beautiful deep orangey-red make these french marigolds so wonderful. The seeds originally came from Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds, but this year I planted the last of the seeds from Hawthorn. I’m hoping to save some of these seeds, and with luck the saved seeds will germinate next year.

July 1_9

Borage. I love Borage. I planted it last year and it managed to self seed. Everywhere. I didn’t need to plant a single borage seed this year. Given the prolific nature of this flower I think it would be a fabulous plant for that little bit of no-man’s land between the road and the sidewalk at the front of our house.

July 1_3

I thought I’d try my hand at growing a cucurbit (squash, pumpkin, zucchini, gourd, cucumber family) again this year. I tried delicata squash a couple of years ago, but that did not end well. This lovely green plant is a Black Futsu pumpkin plant. So far it seems to be doing well, and I even spotted a flower just beginning to form…

To the side of the pumpkin, just at the edge of the picture are the cucumber plants. The intent was to grow cucumbers to pickle…we’ll see how that pans out!

July 1_7

Peas! Our peas have never done this well, and the kids have just discovered how wonderful peas eaten right in the garden are. I seem to have planted a mix of snap and snow peas…that was unintended, but works well enough.

July 1_8

 And lettuce. We have to this point not been a huge lettuce family. We would eat lettuce on sandwiches or hamburgers, but rarely would we make a salad with lettuce. I was determined to change that this year and in an effort to do so I planted some of this funky speckled romaine. We’ve been eating it as well, so I suppose it has been a success thus far.

Our tomato plants are also doing well…all save one cherry tomato. The solitary red cherry tomato wilts more than the others in the heat, and I am afraid that there is something else going on. The happiest of the tomatoes are the two lobed German heirlooms. Pictures of those once the tomatoes start to set.

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