Two years ago, the summer after we moved in, I found this table and four accompanying chairs on Kijiji for a song.


It had been years since anything was done to it, and the top had the oddest coating on top. It was fine when it was dry, but when you wiped it it would get slightly sticky. It didn’t really have the lovely worn look some wood pieces get with age, and we’d been talking for ages about painting it. This past week-end seemed the perfect time to do so. I’m very much wanting to try out milk paint but as there is no milk paint available within walking distance and not wanting to spend much money on getting paints, I checked what we had put away in the basement. We still had some Benjamin Moore primer, which seemed like a suitable under coat.

I’m really loving white in our kitchen. It’s bright, clean, and really opens up our little house. And…it goes with everything, so there is always the opportunity to paint the chairs in different colours. We had a Benjamin Moore semi-gloss in ‘Chantilly Lace’ left over, as that is what we have been using for trim in the house.

I sanded the table as best I could. The odd coating on top made it a bit more difficult, and I am hoping that the primer and paint will be fine on top of it. I gave the top of the table two light coats of primer. Let it dry properly over night and then sanded it lightly before painting the semi-gloss latex on top. I have yet to seal it, and am not sure whether I will use a clear wax or polyurethane.

Painting the legs was a complete pain. Doing it in the heat on the back deck probably didn’t help. It’s just as well that this is just a functional kitchen table I intend to use in my own kitchen, and not an antique destined for sale.


The top is still a little sticky, but I gather that it actually takes forever for latex paint to cure. Which is a little awkward considering that this is a kitchen table. I’ll have to hold of the horde for as long as I can…it’s a good thing that it is summer and we have an outside table on our deck!


Maus’s dresser is next on the docket (although it may actually just stay in the living room where it has been temporarily relocated, and I will have to find another for her), but this time I am going to try milk paint. Certainly a faster curing time, but annoyingly not quite as readily available as latex.

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