Back at the beginning of fall we decided we needed a little getaway. We wanted to take the dogs with us as well, so we turned to AirBnB to see what we could find.

What we found was a small log cabin tucked into the woods on a 200 acre horse farm near Sundridge, Ontario. No running water, no real electricity and an unexpected lack of cell phone coverage lead to the perfect respite from the hustle of everyday life.

We drove down the farm lane-way and were met by Patti, the farm owner, and one of her daughters. We parked our car next to the house, and loaded our bags and cooler into a trailer attached to the back of an ATV. Papa sat in the trailer with both kids, while I sat on the back of the ATV holding Badger. Cato ran along behind. Patti drove us up to the cabin, which was no more than a few minutes walk, but would have been several trips with our bags and cooler.


The little octagonal cabin in the woods had a lovely wood stove for heat, a fireplace, and a handful of oil lamps to bring some light. Patti had hooked up a battery, so there were some electrical lights, but we tried to use them as little as possible.


It was as much a holiday for the dogs as it was for us. Cato has never spent as much time off-lead, and Badger also thoroughly enjoyed snuffling about.



One morning was particularly mild, almost spring like with a warm breeze blowing, and Patti took both Maus and her brother for a ride on Bucky the pony. First Maus, then Cub, then both together. They had never been on a pony, and were both so excited!

puddle jumping

After a night of rain the soggy fields had giant puddles. It was misty and drizzly, mizzly even, but with the proper gear both kids were toasty and thrilled to be able to jump in so many puddles!


cato running

You’d never guess this boy was 10, would you?

We walked, we explored, we adventured, we had a thoroughly relaxing time, all 6 of us.

We’re coming back, of that we are certain.

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