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We have had leather-soled, crocheted slippers on the kids’ feet since they were born. I even had a pair myself until they recently fell apart. Up until now I have bought the slippers, but with both kids now in sizes costing over $40, our beloved crocheted slippers were becoming a bit too expensive. Enter my friend and neighbour with her fab pattern for crocheted slippers! I tweaked it a little as I was making them, and I don’t think I even referred to the pattern for Mauisi’s slippers (above)… And that’s just it – crocheted slippers are not nearly as difficult as one might think. Her pattern steps you through the process and provides templates for the soles.

C slippers 2

For Cub’s slippers I added a knit cuff, similar to a sock leg, and I find they stay on brilliantly. I used a 6.5mm crochet hook for both slippers. Cubs were three strands (2 darker blue and 1 lighter blue) of Cascade 220 worsted weight wool, while Mausi’s slippers were 2 strands of worsted weight wool held together. Both slippers have soles cut from a old sheepskin coat I found at a thrift store; suede on the outside and wooly on the inside.

Immie slippers 1

I think I might just have to make myself a pair…

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