This is Sally. Sally Snake. I won’t talk about the originality of the name – that’s just how it is.

draught snake4

The upstairs of our 1 ½ storey 1940’s home is odd. We have one bedroom, a closet, and an unfinished section with odd roof angles, that could creatively be turned into something some day…but for now functions as a very cold attic. There’s a door to the attic, off the landing. It’s that door there, that Sally is lying in front of.

And that door is actually why Sally came to stay. Sally is a draught snake. She was made as the weather turned cooler this last fall, and I thought it would be good to have something extra against that door. Her body is made from an old boiled wool skirt, and her head and tail are bits of a vintage bed sheet. She’s stuffed with wool, fabric and yarn scraps, and old buttons serve as her eyes.

draught snake2

Sally, however, was quickly picked up by little hands, and the kids thought it kind of neat to have a giant stuffed snake to play with. That upstairs door wasn’t critical anyway.

Our garden door on the other did need something. Something a little less intriguing. We have double doors leading out into the garden. They are old, and there is a small gap at the bottom between the two doors. It needed something a little bigger than Sally, and so the other day I took an old wool blanket and a zipper salvaged from a thrift-store sweater and made more of a draught cushion than anything else.

draught pillow 3

Clearly that is not our garden door, but I gather the light was better in the upstairs bedroom than down in the kitchen…

It also is stuffed with wool and fabric scraps, and I added the zipper in order to be able to dry things sufficiently should the draught stopper get very wet. It sits at the garden door, and the dogs have a tendency to track snow through that door.

draught pillow 1

We tend to sit it up a bit more against the door to keep draughts out, and so far it seems to be working.

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