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This past Christmas we finally had our first real tree as a family. We picked Mausi up early on her last day of school, and we went as a family to cut down our tree. It was beautiful. It was everything a Christmas tree should be. We took down our Christmas tree yesterday; two days short of the 12 days of Christmas, but it seemed like the perfect time, just before school started again and life resumed it’s chaotic pace.

Here, the city will come and pick up your Christmas tree if you leave it at the edge of the road. They will chip it, and use it. This, of course, is a perfectly viable option for a tree, but we were interested in using our tree ourselves.

We decided that for the time being we would put the tree on our back deck. All the decorations were safely put away for another year, all except the garland of dried oranges, cranberries and popcorn we had made to decorate. This garland stayed on. We then set about making bird-feed pinecones.

winter bird tree 4

winter bird tree 5

We smeared nut butter on the pinecones and then rolled them in birdseed. I attached a small piece of cooking twine to the top of each pine cone, with which to hand the pinecones from the tree.

winter bird tree 6

Once finished we headed out to decorate our tree for the second time! This time for the birds and squirrels.

winter bird tree 3

winter bird tree 2

I have other plans for what will be left of the tree in the spring, but for now our little Christmas tree can serve as a perch for winter birds.


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