We’ve just had a very wet week-end here. But a little rain wasn’t going to keep anyone inside, and so while I sat down to edit another thesis chapter, Papa took Maus and Cub out for a rainy day adventure.

rain adventure 1-1

There are plenty of resources online for how to keep kids busy outside in the rain. But sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most fun: jumping in puddles, or a wet wander along a trail.

rain adventure 1-7

And there really is no better day, than a grey drizzly one, for collecting snails. I was told, by a very excited 5-year old, that they saw “more than a hundred, more than 200…500 snails!”. Then she proudly showed me the ones she had gathered.

rain adventure 1-6

The key, is keeping kids warm and dry in the rain. A decent rainsuit or a rain jacket and rain pants will go a long way in allowing kids to enjoy being outside in the rain. Which reminds me, I somehow need to find a less “puffy” pair of rain pants for Maus…unfortunately I don’t even really know what that means.


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