Sources of German Children’s Books

Canada & US

The Alphabet Garten ~ German books, music and information on raising bilingual English-German children.  Based out of Washington, the shipping to the US is really reasonable.  Shipping to Canada is quite a bit more, and shipping prices start at $19 US.

Amazon~ has some German books either through Amazon itself, or through additional sellers in the Amazon marketplace.   Good options for American customers, but again the shipping to Canada can sometimes be prohibitive. unfortunately doesn’t have any German kids’ books.

The Book Depository ~ This online book store based out of the UK has an excellent selection of German children’s books. Although special characters don’t show up properly, so searching for a specific book can sometimes be tricky.  The greatest benefit of the Book Depository for Canadian customers is that they have a free shipping policy across the globe for any number of books.

Le Mandragore ~ This Canadian retailer is both a specialized book shop and distributor for a large number of books following the Rudolf Steiner teaching philosophy.  The collection of German children’s books here are truly lovely and are primarily from the publishing houses of Urachhaus and Freies Geistesleben.   This book seller is based in Quebec and shipping within the province starts at $3.50.  Shipping to the rest of Canada starts at $6.50.

Used bookshops are always worth a look as well, as are the book sections in second-hand stores and online marketplaces such as kijiji and

Smaller independent retailers or specialty shops may be able to supply German books as well.

If I have missed a good source for German children’s books in Canada, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment!  It’s always good to have list of book sources.


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  1. Arielle says:

    Here is another website with a good selection of German books:

  2. Felina says:

    Thanks so much for posting sources for German language kids books. My little man is four months old and we are having lots of fun reading together but it is difficult to find good German language books for him. I used my rusty french and ordered him four new ones from the Mandragone site. I can’t wait till they get here! Cheers!

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